Overview of Work

-In some of Cody's other works, the film Young Adult and the television show United States of Tara, she often writes female characters that are beautiful and smart yet are complete train wrecks
     -These characters give the audience a sort of disillusionment about beauty in that women who are beautiful may not actually have it all, as the media and Western cultural altogether would lead women to believe

-Her works often deal with controversial subjects such as teenage pregnancy, homosexuality, mental illness, alcoholism, and even demonic possessions

Compared to other movies about teenage pregnancy, Cody's script is quite different. Besides the obvious difference of the dialogue, Juno isn't as much about victimizing the pregnant teen such as Where the Heart Is was. Juno faces consequences for having sex, but no one abused her or abandoned her and she is pregnant by her own doing. Cody's scripts often feature a woman struggling through life, trying to maintain independence and obtain happiness.

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