I've chosen to focus on film writer Diablo Cody in the framework of gender, specifically adolescent gender, because I find her to be an interesting and unique figure in the film world and because her movies and television shows often feature gendered messages and are targeted to adolescent audiences.

-People today are "the most media-saturated and media-engaged people in history" (Wood 261)
-It's critical to study media because it can "set our agenda by telling us what's important" (Wood 264)
     -Additionally, movies about adolescents and/or targeted to adolescents are extremely influential
     -Media sends the message that "girls and women - not boys and men - are responsible for consequences of sexual activity" (Wood 270)
      -Cody's movie Juno focuses on a pregnant teenage girl, offering a chance to see if Cody's unique background and position create situations that differ from the expected cultural norms
-As a whole, women are underrepresented in mass media so by focusing on Diablo Cody, we can examine the more unique illustrations and reflections of gender in her works
-Mass media often portray men and women stereotypically
     -By identifying these stereotypes, we can examine Cody's work to see if the characters conform or confront such stereotypes