Diablo in Comparison

-Diablo Cody's unusual background may add to her unique style of dialogue which has been dubbed as quirky, sharp, and sarcastic yet unrealistic
     -In Juno Cody gives many smart lines to Juno, perhaps emphasizing the strength and intelligence of young women even when facing terrible circumstances 
-Cody's stripper memoir reveals many interesting and often negative thoughts of women in the sex industry and the male customers
     -Cody quotes a fellow stripper in her memoir as saying that "Men like 'em young, dumb, an' thirsty for cum," and details how altogether women in the sex industry are expected to be unintelligent while the men who are customers are often perverted (Cody 203)
-Cody has experienced the extremes of gender and sexuality during her work in the sex industry and much of this is reflected in her writing
     -Juno as a character appears to be a bit of a rebellion against stereotypical teenage girls because she is not superficial, dependent, or pressured into having sex
    -However, in the end she is punished for having sex, similar to most teenage girls in the media

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